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Rock Anchor Bolts

We produce and offer to the market rock anchor bolts with particularly long service life using PC-Coat corrosion protection (hot dip galvanizing, zinc manganese phosphating) for accessories and fusion bonded epoxy(FBE) powder coating for bolt. In order to fully control product quality to very high standards, manufacturing is completely done in our own premises, both mechanical production as well as all steps of corrosion protection as per IS/Indian Standards.

We are producing two types of combination bolts, NC-Bolt and PC-Bolt. Combination bolts are effective for immediate work protection at the face after torque tensioning, and when later fully grouted, can be classified as permanent support. Workers can install rock bolts in the face area while grouting of the bolts takes place at a convenient time and distance behind the face (typically about 50m). Combination bolts contribute to efficient tunnel advance and when needed, we also offer self-drilling anchors (SDA), either HDG- or PC-Coat-protected.

Presentation of combination bolts for download:

Installation video of PC-Bolt and NC-Bolt.

Catalogues relevant for the Rock Support segment using Combination Bolts with long service life.

Pc Bolt
Pc Coating
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