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About Us

Pretec Underground Private Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Pretec Group and was established in 2019. The plant is located at Autonagar (IDA, APIIC), Visakhapatnam-Andhra Pradesh. We manufacture and supply rock anchor bolts with particularly long service life using PC-Coat™ corrosion protection (hot dip galvanizing, zinc manganese phosphating) for accessories and fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) powder coating for bolts. We are producing two types of combination bolts, NC-Bolt and PC-Bolt™. Combination bolts contribute to efficient tunnel advance and when needed, we also offer self-drilling anchors (SDA), either HDG- or PC-Coat™ -protected.


Pretec, Visakhapatnam has expanded its business by introducing a new corrosion protection system, popularly known as Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating (FBEC) for steel reinforcing bars.

Why FBE Coating Is Required?

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating system is a cost-effective corrosion protection system and provides longer life to the reinforced concrete structures. Epoxy coating is a physical barrier system that prevents moisture and chlorides from coming in contact with the bar. Now it is also being regarded as an electrochemical corrosion barrier that electrically isolates the bar by reducing the flow of corrosion current. The coating is now being extensively specified and used by many government departments and Construction Contractors have made it a regular item for use in coastal areas and other corrosion prone areas of construction.


  • Excellent Corrosion protection

  • Extended Service Life

  • Cost-Effective Life Cycle

  • Tried And Tested Technology(>50 Years)

  • Global Acceptance

  • Easy To Be Bent During Fabrication

  • Less Maintenance Cost

​PRETEC always strives to become a major player in this sector by adopting our tradition of engineering excellence and lead the way in product quality and customer satisfaction. we committed to delivering quality products by complying with all types of requirements specified by Customers / Authorities, in addition to continual improvement.

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